Real GDP of Italy

Italy's GDP to date is $1.782 trillion (2010 est.) Country comparison is 11.

Italy's Per Capita GDP to date is $30,700 (2010 est.) Country comparison is 43.

As for surrounding countries they all seem to be around the same. Ex: France GDP is $2.16 trillion (2010 est.)
Per Capita:$33,300 (2010 est.)
Spain's GDP is $1.376 trillion (2010 est.)
Per Capita:$29,500 (2010 est.)
Greece's GDP happens to be $321.7 billion (2010 est.)
Per Capita:$30,200 (2010 est.)
Germany's GDP is at $2.96 trillion (2010 est.)
Per Capita: $35,900 (2010 est.)

As to compare it to the United States
The US GDP is $14.72 trillion (2010 est.)
And the Per Capita is $47,400 (2010 est.)
Italy's Real GDP  for the year of 2010 is at $1.782 trillion dollars, this is great since more high industrialized countries are also in the trillions. Italy's Per Capita is at $30,700 which means on average the Italian citizen makes 30,700 a year. To me it doesn't average out because there GDP in 2009 was higher and the per capita was lower. So in 2010 the GDP went down and the Per Capita went up to me it is not consistent.