Italy's Top Exports/Imports

Italy's Top exports:
Engineering products, textiles, clothing, production machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals and food and beverages.  These are Italy's top exports, Italy has been blessed with a great financial industrialized country in which manufactured products can be produced. Because both male and females are both highly educated in Italy it gives them enough people with a smart mind to be able to crate all of these exports.

Italy's Top Imports:
Chemicals, energy products, minerals, nonfferous metals, transport equipment, textiles, food and beverage and clothing. Be cause Italy has very little oil deposits they have to import alot of energy products such as oil. Italy also isn't a bountiful place to find minerals and metals so they have to bring those in as well.

Economic Sanctions

France and Italy call for Kadhafi oil boycott:
On April 26, 2011 Italy and France called on the international community to stop shipping oil products to Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's regime and urged market operators not to buy the regimes crude oil.
As I see with my own two eyes I see that Italy's trade pattern seems to be very consistent with countries comparative advantages and disadvantages. A few reason this makes sense is because Italy has very little natural resources, with much of their land unsuited for farming Italy is a net food so they really depend on other countries for alot of food. And also with substantial deposits of iron and coal or oil, its all offshore, another reason why Germany is their best partner is because they are so lush in those ares that Italy isn't so lush upon.