Italy's Top Trading Partners


Italy's top trading partner is Germany, Italy trades 12.6% in exports and also trades 16.68% in Imports. Germany is their top partner because of a long political history that they have together. They were both axis powers during World War II which has something to do with the reason why they are still so strongly connected. Another reason they are their biggest partner is because where they are geographically located since they boarder Italy. They both also are European Union Members which use Euro currency.

Second Largest Trading Partner

France is Italy's second largest trading partner, trading about 11.57% in exports and 8.82% in imports. As well as Germany, France is very geographically close to Italy which makes it easy to be trade partners. Both Italy and France have a very financially industrialized county which both economies are very similar which makes them both beneficial trade partners. they also are a member of the European Union and they also use Euro currency.

Trade Agreement

Italy is part of the European Union Trade Agreement, which consists of all the European countries under one sub- heading that all have the same trade agreement and which also share the same currency which is the Euro.