One of our biggest problems and one that is pretty serious is that we cant seem to protect our resources from our pollution. We have air pollution from industrial emissions such as sulfur dioxide; coastal and inland rivers polluted from industrial and agricultural effluents. We also have acid rain damaging our lakes and we have an inadequate industrial waste treatment and disposal facilities.  The air pollution is really hard to control and also really damaging to all our crops. 
One other thing that could hurt us in the future is that we have very high volcanic activity close to our Sicilian villages. The volcano (Etna) is located 10,925 ft above sea level and has been in eruption since 2010 so it could go off at any moment. And if that goes off and does alot of damage it could kill aton of crops and even wipe out small businesses. 

If Etna errupts it could be a huge resource change for us, it would be a natural disaster in or own country that could wipe out thousands to even millions of crops. It is still in eruption today this is why this is such a huge topic we need to be ready for what could happen